Memorial Day 2022 in Small Town America


The Real Strength of the USA

We recently discovered a jewel of Patriotic America relatively near our new home in Florida and I decided to share it with you as it is my deep and abiding belief that towns like this, and the spirit of optimism and patriotism they embody, are the real hope for a return of the kind of America so many of us remember as existing not so very long ago.

The town is Milton, FL, and some years the back number of civic leaders started an initiative to build a Veterans Memorial Park to honor the fallen who defended us from so many evils over the years. I will try hard not to exaggerate too much when I say it is one of the most moving places of this type I have visited outside, obviously, the magnificent, glorious memorials in our nation’s Capital.

Each year the local chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) put out banners recognizing residents of Milton who served and they were all out this afternoon when we visited. These are similar to those highlighted in the recent post by our colleague, Douglas Pratt, in which he pointed out, with such understandable pride, the banner recognizing his Father’s service in WWII. Here are a few:

The sculpture at the entrance to the Memorial Park, the Great American Eagle:

A very moving sculpture— Fallen, Not Forgotten:

One of my personal favorites, especially remembering all the devoted, loving War Dogs who meant more to our fighting men and women than we will ever know:

The interior of the park is surrounded by very large tableaus outlining major events in many wars going back to 1775 and at the bottom of that honoring those who died in WWII, there is this quotation from General George Patton— “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should Thank God that such men lived.”

May we all honor, in our own way, on the day set aside for our remembrance, the memory of those who gave the last full measure of devotion so that we may remain the freest and most exceptional Nation ever created by the mind of man.

Fallen, Not Forgotten.

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  1. EB Thatcher

    Thanks, so much for this post. I thought we might be able to go since we live in Florida, but it turns out it’s about 7 hours away.

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  2. Jimmy Carter Member
    Jimmy Carter

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  3. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Wow! Beautiful  – thank you for the pictures too!!

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