Biden, Jew-hating Left, Enable Putin and Iranian Theocracy


red green jump pointIran is not the problem, nor is Russia, per se, rather, the ruling elites in each country hold aggressive, expansionist views. AND. pResident Biden and the Jew-hating left have common cause with these two petro-dollar fueled powers. That is, sadly, nothing new. What is new is the open linkage of Russian and Iranian regimes in a triangle with the secular left in the Swamp. These two malign actors are allies of convenience, forming a new and much more formidable “axis of evil” with the imperial Chinese leadership. So it is that the Russian regime uses the computer skills of Iranians to attack the West, perhaps in place of former Warsaw Pact hackers whose governments are no longer cozy with Moscow. The Swamp, including the congressional Republican’ts led by Mendacious McConnell and Misleading McCarthy, will do nothing real about this, as they need Russia to deliver a new and even more dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

The Swamp and the New Axis of Evil

I have posted a series of articles pointing to the red-green alliance of convenience between the secular left and Islamists, each headed by this base graphic, modified with the particular focus of the article. It illustrates a political leap forward powered by the red and green forces together. I have also pointed to the collusion between McConnell, McCarthy, their congressional enablers, and the Democrats against us. We also all know that the Republican establishment sold out Americans for the benefit of economic elites through trade deals with China, deals disrupted by our champion, President Trump. If we tolerate, if we enable, Republican congressional candidates winning in 2022 primaries without pledging to actually deliver on campaign policy promises by first changing leadership personnel, we will get more planned failure and more damage to our land and our lives.

Putin and the Theocracy Hacking the West

A week after the Biden inauguration,  Moscow and Tehran publicly signed an agreement on “cyber security cooperation,” meaning the two regimes publicly acknowledged the long-standing cooperation between the two governments on defensive and offensive actions. A former Republican member of Congress warned of Russia and Iran partnering to launch network attacks back in 2014, during the Obama administration.

“Iran and Russia will develop a much closer relationship,” said Hoekstra, who was on the House’s intelligence committee from 2001 to 2011. “Russia and Iran have so much to gain from more significant cooperation [and] the immediate impacts will be profound.”

As Russia continues to take an aggressive stance towards the United States, its “assistance to Iran’s cyber program” will grow exponentially “as Iran continues to develop offensive and defensive capabilities,” Hoekstra said, noting that this “foreshadows an even darker future.”

As Putin invaded Ukraine, the U.S. government published a dry announcement that the Iranian government sponsors a hacker group.

MuddyWater is a subordinate element within the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). This [advanced persistent threat] APT group has conducted broad cyber campaigns in support of MOIS objectives since approximately 2018. MuddyWater actors are positioned both to provide stolen data and accesses to the Iranian government and to share these with other malicious cyber actors.

MuddyWater actors are known to exploit publicly reported vulnerabilities and use open-source tools and strategies to gain access to sensitive data on victims’ systems and deploy ransomware. These actors also maintain persistence on victim networks via tactics such as side-loading dynamic link libraries (DLLs)—to trick legitimate programs into running malware—and obfuscating PowerShell scripts to hide command and control (C2) functions. FBI, CISA, CNMF, and NCSC-UK have observed MuddyWater actors recently using various malware—variants of PowGoop, Small Sieve, Canopy (also known as Starwhale), Mori, and POWERSTATS—along with other tools as part of their malicious activity.

Biden’s Dirty Deal Depends on Putin

The left is so desperate to harm the United States and Israel that the Biden regime is depending on Putin to deliver a new nuclear weapons deal, freeing the theocrats to unleash global terrorism from behind a nuclear shield. They are desperately pressing forward with this agreement while Congress pretends to be powerless and clueless. Mendacious McConnell and Misleading McCarthy, with their cohorts, naturally expect to personally profit from this catastrophe, and they will unless each of us demand that every primary candidate this year denounce them and pledge to dump them or deprive McConnell and McCarthy of a governing majority, forcing incumbent representatives and senators to choose between personal power and their current leaders. The Biden regime is shameless, beyond humiliation in reviving the Iran nuclear deal.

 [T]he administration is desperate to forge a new and “improved” version of Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal. There is no good reason for this; it is yet another case of “because Trump reversed something that Obama did, Biden must reinstate it.” It doesn’t matter how apparent it is that Trump reversed the deal because it was both reckless and unpopular or even that the recklessness of reinstating it will make Biden more unpopular.

Tehran understands this well, and in its “Death to America” contempt for our feckless government, humiliates Biden by refusing to meet directly with his envoy, appeasement aficionado Rob Malley. The Biden administration is thus forced to grovel and plead for the intercession of Vladimir Putin’s regime, which (along with China) is Iran’s patron. This is especially delicious for the mullahs now: They know that, on the world stage, Biden is trying to play hard-ass against Putin regarding Ukraine, echoing Biden’s legend-in-his-own-mind routine on the 2020 campaign trail; yet, in reality, Biden is a five-alarm phony who, behind the scenes, is actively colluding with Moscow to get a new Iran nuke deal done.

The Russians are laughing at us.


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  1. Rodin Member

    Clifford A. Brown:

    If we tolerate, if we enable, Republican congressional candidates winning in 2022 primaries without pledging to actually deliver on campaign policy promises by first changing leadership personnel, we will get more planned failure and more damage to our land and our lives.



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  2. RightAngles Member

    I don’t even think we’ve really had two parties for a while now.

    • #2
  3. Unsk Member

    Great Post. People need to understand what is going on.

    In some ways  it is not hard to see how Biden could have played the fool for Putin to trigger the Ukraine war so there would be much higher oil prices worldwide which is the aim of both Putin and the Commie Democrat Left, plus with the added benefit of helping China launch a New World Order centered out of Beijing. 

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  4. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    Yes, I agree.

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  5. Old Bathos Moderator
    Old Bathos

    It is not as if this is a disagreement about competing substantive visions.  This is pure capitulation.  Biden wants a piece of paper that he can wave to claim that peace has been snatched back from the dangers left by Trump. The rest of the world is stunned at the ineptitude of the US negotiators. 

    Obama began with his version of the Baker plan: the US bugs out of the Middle East and hands the keys to Iran to be the regional power.  That would terrify the Arab states, so mollify them by the complete abandonment of Israel.  We would also officially hope that the mullahs mellow or get overthrown by nicer people but we are not going to do anything to promote such an outcome. This policy may result in a regional war but we will not be part of it so who cares.

    Joe does not even have a grand vision to replace the Baker-Obama plan.  Joe was handed the gift of the Abraham Accords which was a gifted wrapped start of an alliance to contain Iran but he is determined to toss that away–I guess the 2000’s called and want their foreign policy back in play.

    I guess the congressional GOP is so terrified of being called warmongers by the MSM that they won’t speak up as they should.


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