Remembering P.J. O’Rourke: A Conversation with Rob Long and Peter Robinson


When P. J. O’ Rourke passed away on February 15, 2022, America lost one of its greatest observers and chroniclers of culture and politics since Mark Twain. But O’Rourke wasn’t just reporting events from the sidelines. Through his work in National Lampoon and countless other magazine articles and books, he contributed original works as well. O’Rourke appeared on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson three times over the years, including his final appearance in May 2020 with his lifelong friend, the writer Andrew Ferguson. In this special edition of Uncommon Knowledge, TV writer, humorist, and essayist Rob Long and Peter Robinson remember O’Rourke and discuss his work and the influence he had on their lives and careers.

Recorded on February 15th, 2022




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  1. Bryan G. Stephens Thatcher
    Bryan G. Stephens

    Oh I cannot wait to watch. Food for the weekend! So to speak.

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  2. Gary Robbins Member
    Gary Robbins

    This was a great and moving tribute.

    I want to point to something in addition to that, namely the incredibly strong friendship of Peter and Rob.  They have had differences of opinion along the way, but their friendship endures. 

    I would really like to hear the story of how Ricochet came to be.  Whose idea was it?  When and where was it first discussed?  How did they bring it into being?  

    In AA, our fellowship is not dated from when Bill W. got sober, it is dated from when Bill W. meet with Dr. Bob, and Dr. Bob’s first day of sobriety.  Ricochet does not date from whoever first had the idea of Ricochet, it dates from the second person bought into the idea. 

    If we don’t have a blow-out Episode 600 at the Reagan Library, perhaps this would be a great Episode 600.

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