Is Talk Cheap?


As we look out over the wreckage to our citizen-based, federal governance system; as we contemplate the deep stain of corruption that is flowing through our executive branch and allies in Congress, the media, and academia; as we see small business and individual initiative crushed under the heel of crony capitalism allied with woke ideology; as we despair over the relative weakness of our churches to combat cultural drift; as we eat our disappointment at our courts to steadfastly uphold our individual liberties; we ask ourselves if “talk is cheap”? Is ranting at all effective in combatting evil?

We are being subjected to arguably the broadest intimidation campaign in the history of our nation. Our posts and associations are under scrutiny and there is no effort to hide it. In fact, the woke mob is seeking fresh meat and the Biden Administration is more than willing to pluck a hapless citizen for corporal punishment to expand its power and silence any opposition. The government wants you to “watch what you say”.

In this environment, talk is not cheap. It can cost you everything. But it is a price we must pay if we are patriotic Americans. They are stealing our country. They are stealing our souls.

Government-enforced lockdowns have been very effective in keeping opponents to authoritarian rule isolated. Coupled with Big Tech’s control over social media, the remaining outlet for physically isolated individuals has been restrained. So now is the time to come out of our houses, fill our churches, synagogues, mosques and assemblies, our local government meetings, our restaurants and gatherings. Now is the time that we need to express publicly our support of freedom, our complaints about authoritarian control. We need to hear our fellow citizens voicing their complaints, and they ours. We need to replace silence with the sound of voices, individually small and maybe tremulous, but in total loud and authoritative.

They want you to be intimidated. And if we remain silent, the punishment of the few who do speak will be meted out. To protect them and yourselves, start talking. It doesn’t matter where, it only matters that you do. And let someone else take their cue from you to start talking as well. Only then will talk become cheap again.

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  1. DonG (CAGW is a hoax) Coolidge
    DonG (CAGW is a hoax)

    Remember, self-censorship is the best censorship.


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  2. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    I make my personal blog as incendiary as I feel like. It is free to set up a WordPress blog for anyone. 

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  3. Jim George Member
    Jim George

    RushBabe49 (View Comment):

    I make my personal blog as incendiary as I feel like. It is free to set up a WordPress blog for anyone.

    Ditto for me and Substack is also free for anyone. Free speech does still exist and it gives one an entirely different outlook than having to check every word to be sure one is not, quelle horreur!, [redacted]!  So far, my merry little band of listees and I seem to like it just fine and the only moderation is my own sense of decorum, courtesy, good manners and civility.

    Check it out: As the old ad used to say: “Try it! You’ll like it!”  :-)

    I highly recommend it!

    Sincerely, Jim

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  4. EHerring Coolidge

    I am reading Julie Kelly’s book about Jan 6. There is plenty there to make your blood boil. The system isn’t likely to fix itself. The best opportunity for a peaceful correction comes in 2022. Take back both houses then do something with that power. Then win in 2024. If they win in either year, they will be embolden to do more of their bad acting.

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