Post-holiday and Back to Work


Relatives have all returned to their homes, kids are off to work, so I can get back to work on the latest book. “A Long Journey to the Moon” is a biography of Ron Evans, who flew fighter jets from carriers in the Viet Nam War and also flew the CSM “America” to the moon in Apollo 17. I’ve recorded several astronaut bios and read more, and of all of the spacemen, I suspect that Evans enjoyed the experience the most, including renowned jolly jokesters Wally Schirra and Pete Conrad. He was also probably the best Command Module pilot. He and his wife Jan had a fantastic relationship, and her thoughts and memories are a big part of this book.

This is my 60th narration for Audible, and it came to me from Redwood Audiobooks, who have offered me some of the best titles I’ve done. I got an email from Margy Bauman, who with her husband mortgaged the house in the early Eighties to start a publishing company. She said she had a book that was right up my alley if I wanted it. I responded so fast the electrons smoked. I haven’t been disappointed; she was right. It has been great fun. Although I must say, well, most books have 10-15 chapters and a Preface, an Introduction, or a Foreword. This one has all three…and 29 chapters. Whee! Good thing I don’t have to narrate the index.

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  1. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    Here’s my father briefing Navy astronauts about GPS in 1975. L-R Cernan, Mattingly, dad, Evans, Crippen and Kerwin.

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  2. Allie Hahn Coolidge
    Allie Hahn

    What a fun job – I really admire a good audiobook narrator. 

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  3. Douglas Pratt Coolidge
    Douglas Pratt

    Allie Hahn (View Comment):

    What a fun job – I really admire a good audiobook narrator.

    It sure beats writing them. I love it.

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  4. James Salerno Coolidge
    James Salerno

    Any advice for someone who might be interested in giving audio book narration a shot?

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  5. Douglas Pratt Coolidge
    Douglas Pratt

    James Salerno (View Comment):

    Any advice for someone who might be interested in giving audio book narration a shot? has a lot of good stuff, from selecting equipment to mike techniques. 

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  6. Douglas Pratt Coolidge
    Douglas Pratt

    Sent it off to the publisher for review this morning. Almost 15 hours, but this one was a ton of fun to work on. Ron Evan’s joie de vivre is contagious. 

    Depending on how long it takes for the publisher review and for me to edit in any corrections, there’s a faint chance it will be available for Christmas.

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