Trivia Question for the Football Fans Out There…


Who was the last Ohio college to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes? Ohio State has won an impressive 43 straight in-state games since that loss, but they have lost to Ohio opponents before. Do you know who beat them?

In 1921, immediately after winning the Rose Bowl, Ohio State lost to Oberlin, by a score of 7-6. Ohio State’s only touchdown was on a blocked punt, and they missed the extra point. The game was in Columbus, in front of 10,000 fans.

This year, the Buckeyes are 10-1, and Oberlin is 1-9 (beating only Hiram College 31-28). So if a rematch was held today, it might go differently. But you never know. And apparently, Ohio State doesn’t want to find out – they didn’t schedule Oberlin this year.

From their website: Oberlin is committed to a climate where all students belong and have equitable opportunities and outcomes. The GSFS department often partners with the Multicultural Resource Center to host events affirming and promoting equity for LGBTQ+ students as well as students of color and first-generation college students.

My sainted mother went to Oberlin for a year and a half before transferring to Denison. In the late ’60s, the trend was for every white girl to have a black boyfriend. And they all did. When I played at Denison in the late ’80s, the trend was homosexuality. The whole campus was gay. Oberlin had a football dorm and a straight dorm, and they were the same dorm. I’m not sure what the trend is now, and I hate to think what the trend there might be in 10-20 years.

But whatever the trend is, I’m sure they’ll all follow it. Nothing is as terrifying to a progressive as independent thought.

My point is that Oberlin has changed. My niece is a junior there right now, majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. Imagine going to a party with those folks. And then imagine going to a tailgate party tomorrow for the Ohio State – Michigan game. Where would you have more fun? Where would you meet more fun people, who are more interesting to talk to? Where would you make new friends that you would keep up with later?

Anyway, for some reason, Oberlin’s football team has not thrived with these recent changes. And Oberlin College has not thrived, either. Applications are way down, and they’re having serious cash flow problems.

Ohio State is doing quite well, thank you. And they seem quite happy about things. While Oberlin students seem miserable. I guess the Buckeyes have gotten over their loss to Oberlin 100 years ago. Might as well let bygones be bygones, and have another beer, I suppose. Happiness is the best revenge, and all that…

Academia will be unrecognizable soon. It already is, come to think of it.

I can’t wait for the big game Saturday. I refer, of course, to the Ohio State – Michigan game.

I’m not sure who Oberlin is playing. Eh — nobody cares. About Oberlin in general, I mean. As it should be. Anybody who takes themselves as seriously as Oberlin does should not be taken seriously by anybody else.

Those who pursue joy tend to attract a following. Even if they sometimes look ridiculous doing it. Go Buckeyes!

Our obsession with something as unimportant as football is a sign of the health of our society. When everyone mopes around like an Oberlin student, or a Democrat activist, then we have serious problems.

God bless football. God bless joy. And God bless America.

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  1. Instugator Thatcher

    Flicker (View Comment):

    I never knew. Pretty cool.

    Thanks for the photo – the covered area to the right of the Yacht Club wasn’t there when I was there – the sign was visible when you stood at the bar.


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  2. navyjag Coolidge

    Good story Randy. Dr. B played college football and my best lawyer pal was a scholarship player at Cal. Tough row to hoe and why I stayed on the debate team. But fun to watch. 

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