On Relishing Pickles


I have always loved pickles.  Dill, sweet, bread & butter – I like the pickled cucumber.  Strangely enough, I do not like unpickled cucumber at all.  This also goes for relish, the hot dog’s eternal companion alongside mustard.  (As far as hot dogs are concerned, I am NeverKetchup.  Chicagoans have more tolerance for conservatives than ketchup on a hot dog)  Relish was spreadable pickles, so naturally it would be awesome.  Since I have been attempting to eat healthy, I have been adding more and more pickles to my diet, including on sandwiches with various flavors of mustard.

Then one day I was (0f all things) playing a video game which had a cooking minigame.  One of the recipes was relish, made with corn and tomatoes without a cucumber in sight.  This was apparently a good topping for a hamburger.  Now I would never get my cooking tips from a video game, but I was intrigued.  What were these relishes without pickles – was this a UK thing?  This led me down a rabbit hole of articles.   Relish covers a huge range of toppings, including onion relish and something called chow chow, which I previously thought was a dog.  Chow chow is apparently a sweet onion/cabbage/pepper relish like a sweet sauerkraut, popular in certain regions of the US.  Sauerkraut is another condiment I love, especially with brats or Polish sausages or pierogi.

A trip to Amazon later, and I received a few jars of relish.  Onion relish and chow chow are pretty dang amazing on sandwiches, making a worthy rival to the cucumber variety. I have nearly emptied a jar in a week.  How had I not heard of this?

So what are your your favorite pickled foods or relishes?  Anyone know of a good non-Amazon source for foods not popular in my area, like onion or pepper relish / chow chow?

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    Matt Balzer, Imperialist Claw

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    Amazon may be extreme, but you might want to rethink Walmart. I’ve been buying .22LR for $0.07/round there.

    Nah, I just meant that I might have to leave home and drive the mile to Wally World. 😆 Wouldn’t want to go out in public or anything.

    The public probably wouldn’t want that either.

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