Stalking Sinema, Menacing Manchin, and Talking Trillions is Political Theater


Manchin Sinema SenatorsDo not be distracted by headlines, video clips and dollar signs. Stalking Senator Sinema, and menacing Senator Manchin, was indeed part of the process, the process of passing a radical rigging of politics and society. The wedding crashers, harassing Senator Sinema and ruining the big day for a bride and her mother, were bad theater this past weekend. The supposed negotiation over trillions in the reconciliation bill is primarily a deception campaign, luring the Republican establishment into going all green eyeshades about taxes and debt. Do not fall for the con, keep focused on the real game.

The recent stalking of Senator Sinema and menacing of Senator Manchin made for great political theater, complete with smartphone video. We got several news cycles of reactions. The president and establishment media declared the intimidation campaign “part of the process,” minimized the threats, and suggested Manchin and Sinema had it coming. Conservatives expressed outrage at the thugs and their establishment enablers. We can expect the same with the Arizona wedding stunt. All of this provided cover for Manchin and Sinema to eventually sign onto the radical reconciliation bill, and it will be radical, whatever the final sticker price.

Radical Reconciliation

Like other legislation that members of Congress had to vote on to find out what was it, the “Build Back Better Act” frustrates easy analysis and specification of harmful or unpopular provisions. The latest House Rules Committee print is 1,684 pages.

A survey of news and opinion articles over the past few months gives us a kaleidoscope of known bad bill provisions. Broadly, there are portions of the Green New Deal, forced unionization, and new expansions of the welfare state, shot through with the new racism of anti-racism.

Democrats are quarreling over the price tag of their Build Back Better bill, but the real problem is what’s in it. The bill coerces workers to join unions, imposes racial preferences on every facet of life and redistributes money from workers to takers.

So far, Senator Manchin has expressed strong reservations about provisions that would harm West Virginia coal miners and more generally objected to any further expansion of the social welfare state, when current entitlement programs are already projected to become insolvent in the near future. Senator Manchin redoubled his reconciliation bill objections on November 1, in a very strong, substantive statement. Republicans should consistently reinforce Manchin’s objections and add to them.

Immigration, in or out?

News stories reported significant illegal immigrant amnesty provisions in the Build Back Better bill. The Senate Parliamentarian then ruled against amnesty as a proper subject for budget reconciliation bills. The leftist group, prominently featuring illegal immigrants, stalking Senator Sinema nevertheless demanded amnesty as part of the Build Back Better bill.


In the October 28 Build Back Better framework, immigration reform is funded, and “Dreamers” get free college money.

Specifically, the framework will increase the maximum Pell Grant by $550 for more the more than 5 million students enrolled in public and private, non-profit colleges and expand access to DREAMers.

Unionize or lose.

The Democrats seek to force unionization, overriding and undoing the right-to-work movement in Red and competitive states. The Build Back Better bill has multiple provisions advancing union membership growth and dominance. There are provisions that give the National Labor Relations Board a sledgehammer and provisions that economically coerce unionization and union membership. A text search of the latest version of the House’s Build Back Better Act shows these provisions.

The regulatory approach is the most vulnerable to being ruled out like the immigration provisions.

The most consequential language would empower the newly Democrat-controlled NLRB, responsible for implementing the NLRA, to fine offending employers up to $100,000 for each violation.

Currently, the NLRB doesn’t have the authority to penalize businesses. Giving it that power would not only discourage management interference in union organizing efforts, but raise revenue for the spending package’s other programs.

The latest version retains multiple “prevailing wage” provisions, forcing union wage costs on every state and business touched by each of these provisions, making the legislation truly a “Build Back Broke Bill.” The price of every project and product touched will be significantly inflated by the distortion of union contract wages.

The version of the bill released October 28 attacks Elon Musk, Texas, and all other Right to Work states. It adds an extra $4,500 tax credit for union-built electric vehicles.

[C]ars made by American manufacturers with union-represented workers would be allowed to offer an additional $4,500 in credits according to a draft text of the bill released by the House that is subject to further negotiation. Tesla and foreign-owned automakers such as Toyota and Honda Motor Co. have argued that would give an unfair advantage to Detroit automakers as the industry races toward an electric future.

Preschool and college education

Build Back Better seeks to permanently control minds from toddlers to adult learners. The federal government would pay for universal preschool and two years of college or trade school in the Build Back Better bill. The claim is that these are “human infrastructure” investments in our future. Free college was removed from the October 28 version, to lower the bill’s sticker price, but universal preschool remained.

The attraction of school funding and promotion goes back over a century in America. Yet, we are in a very different time, a moment in which the radical left has completely dominated the high ground of education institutions, especially through the “diversity” bureaucracies baked into universities and school systems. The massive grassroots rebellion of parents, and the heavy-handed counter by Attorney General Garland’s Stasified FBI and Department of Injustice, points to the real threat of radical leftist indoctrination of children.

The core issue here is not funding. Rather we must maintain laser-like focus on the mandates that always come with money. Every three- and four-year-old would be subjected to indoctrination about sexuality and sexual identity. Every three- and four-year-old will be filled with the racist poison of so-called anti-racism training. We know this because we see how educators have already moved in K-12. If Senators Manchin and Sinema vote for this supposedly slimmed-down bill, they are voting for sexualizing preschool children and poisoning their hearts and minds with real racism.

Multiplying Pain at the Pump

As gas prices at the pump skyrocket, while Xiden pretends to beg OPEC to pump more oil, the latest draft keeps harsh bans, new fees, and taxes on American oil and gas exploration and production. It bans drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Add to this a ban on drilling on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf outer continental shelves. Exploration and production anywhere in American territory is taxed out of business in the false name of the environment and equity.

Change the Message

Republicans must communicate simply and strongly:

If Senators Manchin and Sinema vote for this supposedly slimmed down bill, they are voting for sexualizing preschool children and poisoning their hearts and minds with real racism.”

If Senators Manchin and Sinema vote for this supposedly slimmed down bill, they are voting to divide Americans based on race.”

“If Senators Manchin and Sinema vote for this supposedly slimmed down bill, they are voting to make Green scheme billionaires richer and all of us poorer at the gas pump.”

“Radical Democrats want to Build Back Broke.”

Three trillion or two trillion sounds crazy, but really crazy is Democrats targeting Americans based on race.”

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  1. DonG (CAGW is a hoax) Coolidge
    DonG (CAGW is a hoax)

    5 stars for the alliteration!

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  2. Zafar Member

    DonG (CAGW is a hoax) (View Comment):

    5 stars for the alliteration!

    Change Theatre to Posturing for extra credit.

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    Clifford A. Brown

    Zafar (View Comment):

    DonG (CAGW is a hoax) (View Comment):

    5 stars for the alliteration!

    Change Theatre to Posturing for extra credit.

    I seriously considered that, but thought it changed the meaning enough to stick with “theater.” Hmm, maybe “performance.”

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    Clifford A. Brown

    I see the Twitter link failed to display properly. Fixed it.

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  5. Stad Coolidge

    As much as I dislike their leftism, I like Manchin and Sinema.  If either one of them switches parties, I will sit on my front porch naked and drink some of that bourbon I recently bought (especially if Sinema does).

    Note:  Yes, it does get cold down here this time of year.  That’s what the bourbon is for.  Not to keep me warm, but to make me not give a damn that I’m freezing . . .

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