‘They Show Us How to Live’


On the eve of the 111th birthday of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, five Missionaries of Charity arrived in Rome from Kabul with 14 disabled Afghan children. The sisters, members of the religious community Mother Teresa founded in 1950 and lived with until her death in 1997, have run an orphanage for children since 2006 in Afghanistan. It was Italy that got them out of the country as the Taliban has taken over. – from avemariaradio.net

As Mother Teresa said; If you cannot feed many, then just feed one.

“Our centre is no longer open, it is closed and we are destroyed,” a Missionary of Charity nun from Madagascar told La Repubblica. “It is done, there is no hope in Kabul.”

“I said it and I have done it,” Father Scalese told the Italian newspaper. “I would have never returned to Italy without these children. We couldn’t leave them there.”

You can read more of this story, and their escape from Afghanistan by clicking on the links.

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  1. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Wow! That is a powerful story! What courage and selflessness.

    “Father Scalese said that in his seven years in Afghanistan, he did not expect “such a sudden and abrupt conclusion”.  While the threat of the Taliban regaining control of the country was known, “we all hoped for a more negotiated conclusion” aimed at finding a compromise that would lead to the formation of “a transitional government or one of national unity” the priest said.   Instead, “within a few days everything collapsed: government, army, police forces. The Taliban did not fight to seize power, they just took it over. “

    Terrible conclusion for this country.

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  2. CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill Coolidge
    CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill

    Thank you for this information.

    I am happy to see this ray of light that happened. I an sure those who were rescued are even happier they were not consigned to the fate our President arranged for them.


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  3. DaveSchmidt Coolidge

    I am sure our devoutly Catholic President will be sharing this story of faith, loyalty, and courage. [Sarc] 

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  4. Manny Member

    Thank you.  Sisters of Charity is a superb religious order, and a real tribute to their founder, St. Mother Teresa.  The heartbreak over how Afghanistan turned out is immense.  There is no one to blame but Joe Biden.

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