Schooling The Nanny State On Cool Condoms


We’re all familiar with the decline in quality, relative to market choices, associated with government-supplied goods and services. But who could have predicted this?

High school students and college-age adults have been complaining to District officials that the free condoms the city has been offering are not of good enough quality and are too small and that getting them from school nurses is “just like asking grandma or auntie.”

So D.C. officials have decided to stock up on Trojan condoms, including the company’s super-size Magnum variety, and they have begun to authorize teachers or counselors, preferably male, to distribute condoms to students if the teachers complete a 30-minute online training course called “WrapMC” — for Master of Condoms. […]

“We thought making condoms available was a good thing, but we never asked the kids what they wanted,” said D.C. Council member David A. Catania (I-At Large), chairman of the health committee.

Well, I could have predicted it. And nearly did! “Statism, yes, but with the state as cool parent.”

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  1. Profile Photo Contributor

    May I just state, for the record, that James Poulos is one cool dude? I mean, really. Who else could have worked the line below into an article about condoms?

    This line of thinking represents a clear and convincing victory for John Stuart Mill….

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    No matter what your opinion on teen sex and birth control, you have to admit that the title of “Wrap Master of Condoms” is comedy genius.

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