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By way of an introduction to the rest of Ricochet’s intrepid contributors, I’d like to share my delight with the LA Times. It always lightens my day. It took but three short minutes to get a couple of laughs on this dreary Monday morn.

I hooted with when I saw a below-the-fold 10 paragraph story that “Survivor” producer and chief suspect in his wife’s murder, Bruce Beresford-Redman, has just waltzed right back into his comfy LA lifestyle. No problems at the border for him….even after they took his passport. See, we don’t stop anyone illegally leaving Mexico, even those polluting our society with reality TV. And how about that pathetically incompetetent Mexican justice system? All this after the Times lauded Mexican President Felipe Calderon for lambasting the U.S. to the standing ovation of congressional Dems.

But the big laugh of the morning was the photo next to it…a protest in Santa Monica against lifting a whaling ban. I’m not necessarily supporting ending the ban if these species of whales are endangered…but what made me chuckle was in the background is a “whale hugger” holding a sign: “Obama Save the Whales.” Heal me Jesus.

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  1. Profile Photo Editor

    Wait a minute. Denise, you still get the LATimes?

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  2. Profile Photo Contributor

    My hubbie is old school. He’d die without some kind of sports page to hold over his high fiber cereal. (Required because of health issues due to reading the LATimes.) Plus, it’s an excuse not to talk to his wife in the morning. I assume you live alone.

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  3. Profile Photo Editor

    I love that circularity: your husband needs something to read during his high-fiber cereal breakfast which he needs because he reads the LATimes during his high-fiber cereal breakfast.

    And yeah, I live alone. Just me and the dog and my iPad.

    (Which is not a euphemism, by the way.)

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  4. Profile Photo Member
    Denise Moss:: My hubbie is old school. He’d die without some kind of sports page to hold over his high fiber cereal. · May. 24 at 10:14am

    Well, Denise, I am a big fan of reading the blogs on my netbook while enjoying my morning Pop-Tarts (the diet of a grad student is similar to that of a ten year old, except with more beer). If your hubby switched to a netbook, he could avoid the LA Times, although he wouldn’t be able to do the crossword.

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  5. Profile Photo Contributor

    Well, John, he spends all day scouring on-line mags, rags, sites and blogs in his supposed job as an asset manager. He does the same on his iPhone while I shop. So he gets his share of digi-reads. I think the paper sends him back to his youth. He also gets to annoy me with all the ink fingerprints he leaves around our house. So for him it’s a win, win.

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  6. Profile Photo Contributor

    Duane Oyen:: Aw, that’s sweet. Ain’t love grand? Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows, your 21st century successors have emerged! · May. 24 at 7:44pm

    Yeah, but my hubbie has never threatened “to the moon, Alice. To the moon.”

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  7. Profile Photo Contributor

    And Rob…didn’t mean to be mean about your solo life. Just pointing up that you may not know the various devious ways people have figured out to stay married. It only took me ten out of twenty years together to realize…”Hey, this guy does not like talking in the morning.” I can respect that. So I don’t talk to him the rest of the day.

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  8. Profile Photo Member

    Aw, that’s sweet. Ain’t love grand? Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows, your 21st century successors have emerged!

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  9. Profile Photo Contributor

    Duane: Truth is hubbie and I have a great marriage. And I call him many times during the day, sometimes to his annoyance. But I still give him his time in the morning.

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  10. Profile Photo Editor

    I keep reading your stuff here, Denise, and thinking “pilot.”

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  11. Profile Photo Member

    I would have to agree with Mr. Boyer. Reading blogs is an excellent way of starting off the day. I rely on my Mac Book for just about everything that keeps me in touch with the news. Maybe its because I’m a college student as well, but I never really got the need to hold a paper in your hand. I also get lost in newspapers because I can never find the section that I want to read. It’s all just a click away.

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  12. Profile Photo Member

    Rob, how often each day do you see or read something and think “pilot”? Do you have a constant creative process or does the muse bide her time to strike?

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