Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Obama’s Cotton Candy National Security Strategy


If you get RT America on your cable TV — or if you click here — you can watch me deliver some fair and balanced criticism of the Obama administration’s new National Security Strategy (or, as it is known in wonkese, NSS). Though he’s made some blunders, optical and otherwise, I’d been pleasantly surprised at the president’s ability to shepherd the nation through the tricky geostrategic obstacle course we inherited from the Bush years. But it’s time to shift into a more focused and creative gear — with our thinking uncluttered and undistorted by what I’d call the ‘strategic misidentification’ that characterizes this NSS. One might venture that beneath the finely spun sugar of this document is a core of carefully acknowledged truths about the reality of our world and our position in it. But that kind of rhetorical finesse is out of place in a statement meant to carry the clarity and heft that it must.