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    I want one. Actually, I want two: one to wear as a t-shirt, the other to preside in the White House.

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    Oh yes.

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    One of the greatest favors that can be bestowed on the American people is economy in government”

    – Calvin Coolidge

    President Coolidge, 1st Presidential Film (1924)

    Purported to be, “The first presidential film with sound recording.”.

    No doubt, the Ricochet community need not be reminded, but when Calvin Coolage used the words “economy in government” in the quote above he meant a frugal, efficient and thrifty government. I (what’s the opposite of ‘hasten’?) point this out only because my entire life I’ve been taught, told and cajoled (though never learned) that “government in the economy” is the way to go. Tip of the hat to James Poulos for his hat tip to way too “Silent Cal”.

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    Twark Main: One of the greatest favors that can be bestowed on the American people is economy in government”

    – Calvin Coolidge

    These days, I wonder if “political economy” is an oxymoron.

    But I’d really like one, or two, or ten of those posters!

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    Karen, here’s the Google link.

    And here’s a version of a Steampunk Lincoln. Kinda weird, if you ask me. But I kind of agree with you about the Fairey versions of everything that are popping up.

    Still, there’s something about seeing the great Silent Cal, repurposed and refreshed, that I really like.

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    This kinda sends a mixed message to me, since this design style is very Socialist Realism. I get the Fairey poster reference, but it doesn’t really do justice to the beliefs and accomplishments of C.C. This style is so commonly associated with Mao, Che or Lenin, it’s boring. Fairey is boring. Conservatives need not only to vocalize their ideals, but to illustrate them visually, not just mock the opposition. Conservatives already have an unfair reputation for being stodgy and behind the times. I always thought the GOP should embrace the design style of Steampunk. I haven’t quite figured out how to link on this site (which I guess shows I’m a little behind), but search “Lincoln” and “Steampunk” in google images, and you’ll get an idea.

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    Thanks, Rob! Yeah, steampunk is very weird. I’m not a devotee of Steampunk, but something about the aesthetic appeals to me. There are better examples, but Abe came to mind. Steampunk began as a literary genre that embraces an era of great progress and discovery. I’m sure you’ve encountered Steampunk-influenced media in your profession (Wild Wild West,The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen *links!*). It considers a world where the Industrial/Victorian Age meets modern technology. The steam engine advanced transportation and commerce. Man took flight. The light bulbs came on. It was a time of individuality, creativity, prosperity, ingenuity and confidence. People embraced the potential of technology and industry to improve the quality of their lives. Coolidge came of age in this era, right? Didn’t it inform his political beliefs? I think the gears, metal finishes and Victorian embellishments of Steampunk remind us of a time when things once thought impossible were achieved. We need to be reminded how to dream big again. I think it is worth considering alternatives to rebrand conservatism in unconventional ways, even using not-so-popular cultural references. And I’m really angry a Fairey HOPE print is at the National Portrait Gallery. It’s just wrong.

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    I’ve renamed my ESPN fantasy baseball team “Calvin’s Coolidge” in honor of this post.

    Known as a man of few words, President Coolidge was once challenged by a reporter who said, “Mr. President, I bet I can make you say 3 words.” Coolidge responded, “You lost.”

    Now that’s a battle cry for a failing fantasy team if I’ve ever heard one!

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