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Liz Mair, in a blog post on BlogHer, has an interesting reaction to the reaction to all of those Republican women suddenly looking like winners:

…(a) narrative seems to be taking hold in some quarters—that these women aren’t really women, they’re men in skirts. That is so because they a) didn’t emphasize their gender at every turn in the course of their respective primary races or b) don’t focus, or toe the line, on “women’s issues”—or both. In particular, objections have been raised that these women either are not pro-choice or are insufficiently vocal about being pro-choice, and therefore—the subtext seems to be—they’re more akin to men in skirts than “real women.”

Sort of lines up with what Heather has said, in this post.

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    Is it wise politically to be a consultant to Carly Fiorina and write a piece that references abortion so often, in which the blogger lays out her own moderate but still contrary view on the issue, and uses the term “feminazi”? A quick youtube search shows that Liz Mair has appeared on msnbc many times. If I’m Candidate Fiorina, I don’t want anyone on my team on TV talking about the campaign, then answering a question like: “You wrote that pro-choice women were once viewed as American destroying feminazis. I’m guessing you’re not a Rush Limbaugh fan. heh heh.”, then more Fiorina campaign discussion, followed by questions about being pro-choice while still essentially working to overturn Roe v. Wade. I shouldn’t have to mention Rand Paul, General McChrystal, and Rep. Barton. Anyone reading this knows the mainstream media in its present state is totally willing to do this.

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    Liz Mair is obviously smart, she represents herself well and her views would be interesting in another setting. But there’s an ugly and expensive campaign ahead, and the Left plays dirty. Rolling Stone isn’t your friend, Rachel Maddow isn’t your friend, msnbc isn’t your friend. It’s best to keep your discipline. The winning issues now are jobs and spending, and I’d like it if more work were done to unravel and elegantly attack some of these bills. My understanding of them is still poor.

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    The liberal reaction reminds me of Chris Matthews’ great line after Obama’s State of the Union speech (paraphrasing, maybe): “The president was so effective that for an hour I almost forgot he was black.” Nice. Hopefully and eventually, it will occur to liberals–as it already does to conservatives–that being hyper-aware of the sex or race of an individual is a bad thing. Maybe it’s a bit of progress that liberals don’t seem to notice the victim-group status of candidates from one half of the political spectrum. But of their own candidates, they can think of little else.

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