Worst Optics Ever?

Needing to calm a nervous world and to show a steely resolve to a militaristic Russian leader, President Obama made a tough statement on Ukraine. From an elementary school alphabet rug.

If you listen closely, you can hear laughing all the way from the Kremlin.

  1. skipsul

    Yup, he has all the foreign policy acumen of a kindergartener.

  2. Spin

    Tickle me, Elmo!

  3. KC Mulville

    When the teleprompter is so far away, they have to make the letters really big.

  4. John Peabody

    Getting advice from a “Team of Five-(or Six) Year-Olds”

  5. Quinn the Eskimo

    At least when Bush was reading “My Pet Goat” on 9/11, he didn’t know in advance that planes would be flying into the Towers.  Remember how much grief he got for that.

    What’s Obama’s excuse?

  6. Jon Gabriel, Ed.

    Had to share this from Twitter:


  7. John Davey

    Class, “W” is for “Wet ourselves”.

  8. Lolli

    Oh no I think he will declare it’s recess time.

  9. Wordcooper

    His next step is going before the school’s model UN to plead for a sternly worded letter to be written.

  10. The King Prawn


    I didn’t make it, but this is funny.

  11. Ronaldus Maximus

    Bad optics but fitting. Perfectly fitting for a president and his foreign policy team that have a child’s view of the world.

  12. Rudolf Halbensinn

    Has anybody noticed how his frequent usage of the word ‘uhh’ underlined his commitment to the message he was delivering?

  13. Vance Richards

    “Let me be clear. While I encourage sharing, Vlad, I think it is important that before you take your turn you ask the others if they are done playing with their country yet?”

  14. Frozen Chosen
    Ronaldus Maximus: Bad optics but fitting. Perfectly fitting for a president and his foreign policy team that have a child’s view of the world. · 55 minutes ago

    Most accurate comment on the thread

  15. Blame The Innocent

    Oh well, Monday was a snow day in Washington.  Our enemies know when to make their moves.

  16. CuriousKevmo

    That HAS to be photoshop.  Please be photoshop.

  17. flownover

    “P” is for Putin and “p” is for pretty please .

  18. James Gawron


    The combination of preening arrogance, insipid genderlessness, and total incompetence just takes your breath away.

    I’m developing a facial tick.



  19. Vince Guerra

    Speak softly and carry a big lollypop.

  20. CuriousKevmo

    James: preening arrogance, insipid genderlessness, 

    That is some solid writing there mate.

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