Tim Groseclose Blows the Whistle on UCLA

A year and a half ago, UCLA professor  and Ricochet contributor Tim Groseclose told our members that he was convinced that the university was circumventing California’s Proposition 209, a state ballot initiative that prohibits the use of race in university admissions. In that post, he explained how he had been systematically denied access to admissions data that he had hoped to study (despite being a member of the admissions oversight committee — from which he resigned over the dispute) and how the university had steadfastly spun the issue despite mounting evidence that it was violating state law.

During the intervening time, Professor Groseclose has been at work on a book chronicling the scandal, Cheating: An Insider’s Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA, which has just been released. Ricochet members should pick up a copy (via the link, which runs through Ricochet’s Amazon portal and throws us some change) and tune in to Fox & Friends tomorrow at 7:45 AM Eastern, when Tim will be appearing to promote the book. 

Congratulations to yet another Ricochet author!

  1. tabula rasa

    Good for Professor Groseclose.  We need more like him who will blow the whistle on liberal scofflaws.

    So do they now try to revoke his tenure?

  2. Arahant

    “Congratulations to yet another Ricochet author!”

    That makes it sound as if he were a first-time author, which he is not.

    Congratulations, Professor.  This ought to be more fun than wearing a bee swarm to a bear’s breakfast.

  3. The King Prawn

    So when will he be on the podcast? Uncommon Knowledge? He gives a great interview.

  4. Mark Wilson

    The King Prawn:

    So when will he be on the podcast? Uncommon Knowledge? He gives a great interview.

    Great idea.  This should be made to happen right away.

  5. Brian Clendinen

    I need to get that, he is one of my favorite authors on Ricochet, and one of the only two I have any respect for(or really trust) when it comes to the wonkish side of polititics. To many old wife tales included over half the pundits we have around here when it comes to political strategies and tactics. Even our fearless founders suffer from old wife syndrome (aka conventional arguments that is highly anecdotal) on occaince of which Mr Groseclose never suffers from.

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