GLoP Culture with Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz
Episode 5: The Shores Of Lake Naboo

Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz
Nov 1, 2012

This week on the show more elegantly known as GLoP, what bothers John more than a hurricane, more than the prospect of an Obama win, even more than the loss of power and internet? It’s Jonah Goldberg’s verified Twitter account. The horror! Also on this week’s show: the rats in New York City, human behavior in times of crisis, the last look at the 21012 Presidential race (yes!), what happens in the wake of a Romney victory, the worst line of dialogue in the history of movies, John predicts the last jobs report before the election, and Jonah rants about focus groups and then boldly hand picks the closing song. 

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