The Ricochet Podcast
Episode 144: Jamaican Meet-up

Guests: Ricochet Member Timothy Patton, Evita, Senator James Buckley, John O'Sullivan, Jim Geraghty
Nov 17, 2012

This past Wednesday, we recorded this podcast at Evita’s restaurant in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Our guests: Evita herself, Ricochet member Tim Patton, Senator James Buckley, John O’Sullivan, and Jim Geraghty. 

Once again, our sincere thanks to Tim for organizing this and for picking the location. After we finished the show, Tim said it was was a dream come true to appear on a Ricochet Podcast. You’re welcome, Tim. But take our advice — dream bigger.

Ricochet members who were at this event, please feel free to upload your photos in the comments. 

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