Beltway Buzz with Robert Costa and Andrew Stiles
Episode 1: Cruz Control

Hosted by Robert Costa and Andrew Stiles
Feb 17, 2013
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Welcome to the premiere episode of Beltway Buzz with Robert Costa and Andrew Stiles.  Robert and Andrew cover Capitol Hill for National Review, so this podcast will be an insider’s look at how the wheels of government actually turn. Here’s how they describe it: 

Every day, we cover the the conservative movement and the Republican Party from the inside. Wehuddle with aides near the House chamber, and we interview senators near the strange, underground trains that connect their offices with the Capitol. We hear a lot, and those conversations fuel our reporting for National Review. But there’s always more, and that’s what we love to talk about–after our stories are filed.

This week, a look back at the State of The Union speech, the rise of Ted Cruz, the Hagel nomination, Boehner’s calculation, and some (unsolicited) advice for how the Republicans in the Senate ought to proceed in this session.

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