Need To Know with Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger
Episode 32: Abusing Power

Guest: The WSJ's James Taranto
May 17, 2013
Direct Link to MP3 File

Direct link to MP3 file

This week, Jay (on location in Oslo, Norway) and Mona welcome the WSJ’s Best of The Web columnist James Taranto. He discusses the IRS and the Associated Press scandals and gives us a tour of even more controversies currently flying under the media radar. James also explains why our current Alinsky-style of government doesn’t work, nor does the media circling the wagons for the administration. Also, Mona gets audited (!), current events are making Jay more comfortable with Ayn Rand, Jewish charities appear to also be getting unfairly targeted, an in-depth discussion of Benghazi, and Jay gives us a live report from the Oslo Freedom Forum. 

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