Why I Loved Margaret Thatcher

As far as I’m concerned, principled petulance is the most underrated quality in modern politics:

  1. Casey


  2. tabula rasa

    Double post.  Got a little excited.  Sorry.

  3. tabula rasa

    Anyone who can use the word “puerile” (childish) in a sentence with as much aplomb has Mrs. Thatcher has my total admiration.  Not that I wasn’t an acolyte before.

  4. tabula rasa

    Do they teach the “have your interviewee do a little jump” gimmick in the Columbia School of Journalism these days?

  5. Spoon

    Now it really feels like all the grown ups have left the building.  Obama dancing and hamming it up on “The View”, Clinton with the boxers vs. briefs.  She will be missed.

  6. Sisyphus

    A wonderful snippet. The German talk show host that just stays on the “hop for me” topic and offers two substance free minutes. Luckily, the Iron Lady was more than capable of filling a vacuum.

  7. karenwtn

    Those were the good old days. I doubt Reagan would have hopped either.

  8. Western Chauvinist

    “You first. You jump off a cliff and I’ll follow.”



    Margaret Thatcher had more dignity and commonsense in her left earlobe than that interviewer ever had experienced her entire life.

  9. Archie Campbell

    Apparently the Lady was not for jumping, either.

  10. Brasidas

    This is wonderful.  Thanks for finding it, Troy.

  11. Owl of Minerva

    Listening to Thatcher and Berlinski together is fun. I can never tell if she picked Thatcher because they are so similar in their public persona or if Berlinski began to acquire Thatcher’s manners by studying her. It happens. I was doing research on Martin Luther King Jr. when I found my writing suddenly trying to soar into rhetoric about common destinies. These leaders were popular for a reason. They captured the imagination….

    Antipodius: The more I see of this lady… (and this is even with a year of watching videos and reading Claire Berlinksi’s wonderful book)- the more I am in awe of her. · 8 hours ago

  12. Chris Campion

    So…you get Margaret Thatcher on your show and you ask her to jump?

    I hope there’s a deathbed with that interviewer in it, someday, where just before she slips from this mortal coil, she screams a window-shattering “NOOOOOOO!” before sidling into nowhere.

    Talk about moronic.  Sub-moronic.  On a bad day, sub-morons have trouble doing something so completely and utterly stupid.  The guys who make the Jackass videos are more useful – but just barely.

  13. Antipodius

    The more I see of this lady… (and this is even with a year of watching videos and reading Claire Berlinksi’s wonderful book)- the more I am in awe of her.

  14. George Savage

    One adult, insisting on behaving as such, is all it takes to crystallize the childish pomposity of an interviewer’s signature flourish.  Would that we had more with the correct confidence of Mrs. Thatcher.


  15. BYUSC

    She had class and grace. Perhaps our current leader could learn from that.

  16. Robert Promm

    What an idiotic request.  Gorbachev did it, eh?  He just dropped further in my estimation of him.

  17. FeliciaB

    Gorbie doing it would be precisely why I wouldn’t do it if in her shoes. She also nailed it at 1:28.

  18. Butters

    sadly, today we have this

  19. Casey
    Butters: sadly, today we have this · 4 minutes ago


  20. KC Mulville

    Fine. I’ll show how down-to-earth I am by jumping if you’ll let me muss up your hair.

    With a slurpee.

    And everyone will then know how much “fun!” you are.

    You first.

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