Tommy De Seno on The Andy Caldwell Show

Be sure to tune into The Andy Caldwell Show tonight at 6:30 EDT/ 3:30 PDT to hear Ricochet’s own Tommy De Seno talk about his recent post, “I’ll Defend Speech, But Not Molly Norris.”

  1. Ursula Hennessey

    Congrats and good luck, Tommy.

    Just wondering, Plug, to whom shall I send the following announcement? Ursula will be changing diapers at 6 a.m. 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m., and 6 p.m. All are welcome. Casual dress recommended. Light snacks (Pirate Booty, bananas, etc.) provided.

  2. Aaron Miller

    Is this a separate A.I. or has The Logo learned how to self-replicate? We should pull The Plug before there’s more of them!

  3. FeliciaB

    I’m listening now.

  4. Tommy De Seno

    I hope I accurately reflected your views and those of others on the Norris thread, Felicia. I tried my best.

  5. FeliciaB

    I thought you did a great job, Tommy!

  6. Tommy De Seno

    Thanks! Andy Caldwell is a very funny guy.

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