The Myth of Filibuster “Reform”

Myth: “With filibuster reform, the Senate can vote on more bills that are sent to it.”

Fact: “Actually, the whole purpose of filibuster ‘reform’ is to have fewer votes, and to have those votes be about the issues the majority is interested in discussing.”

Sounds counterintuitive in part, I know. But it’s true. Mark Calabria has the details.

  1. Israel P.

    If I recall correctly, the original idea behind a filibuster was that while the opposition was up there reading the phone book, no other business could get done either.

    Once you don’t require the opposition to actually – um – filibuster, it is just a silly procedural thing. Kind of like sending five percent of the striking workers to carry picket signs while the rest sit on the couch.

    If no other business could get done, they’d have to work something out fairly quickly.

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