Romney on the House Pizza Built

The left seems to think this video is damning in some way, but I think it’s maybe the best I’ve seen Romney when it comes to defending capitalism and wealth. He’s talking at the house of Papa Johns’ CEO:

Here’s Romney’s opening lines, of the trees are the right height nature, before he gets into his normal campaign riff. But note the two lines he adds on:

Who would have imagined pizza could build this, you know that? This is really something. Don’t you love this country? What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course…

You know if a Democrat were here he’d look around and say no one should live like this. Republicans come here and say everyone should live like this.

This continues Romney’s marked improvement in talking about his personal wealth. What I wrote a few months back after the Ann Romney “I don’t consider myself wealthy” line:

Look, I see what you were trying to say here, but you flubbed it again. Someone please help these folks talk about being rich? The ability to go “severely capitalist” would actually help you – and seem more authentic than some transparently false narrative involving bootstraps.

Just say it: “I am very rich. I do not apologize for it. My goal in life is to give you every opportunity to get rich, too.” Remember your Coolidge: “I want the people of America to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves.” How hard is that?

Getting this rhetoric right is key for Romney’s response to these sorts of attacks from Obama’s campaign.

  1. Austin Murrey

    I’d agree, this is the best line possible from Mitt, and really encapsulates the marked difference between activists from both sides when it comes to personal prosperity.

    Annoyingly, the actual Democrat leaders harp on how people shouldn’t live this way while doing it themselves.  I think that aggravates me more than anything else they do.

  2. billy

    Where was this guy during the primaries? They would have ended a lot sooner.

  3. Horace
    billy: Where was this guy during the primaries? They would have ended a lot sooner. · 18 minutes ago

    He was there. You just didn’t pay attention because there were too many people like Ben distorting Romney’s record and message, and all the people who were freaked out by Romneycare and/or past pro-choice rhetoric never got past those issues to actually listen to Romney. I heard this type of think from Romney all along and it was why I chose to support him last fall.

  4. Indaba

    If Romney keeps on about jobs and how to support entrepreneurs, he might do ok. He speaks to my values and I recommend the book he mentions, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations. It got panned because it said culture is what defines wealth and poverty.

  5. Chris Johnson

    I expect somebody around Romney realizes his host is the perfect message for this time.  Of course, the campaign will probably screw it up.  But the guy sold the Z 28 he really wanted (risked), to start his business.  Now he has everything else, plus bought back the (or an old sister-car) Z28.  That is a message that young voters need to contemplate.

  6. Larry Koler

    Great speech. Thanks for posting. I listened to the whole thing and find it so refreshing to hear these American values promoted and defended.

  7. ParisParamus

    Romney was saying the same things three, six and nine months ago, so it might be useful to consider why he was getting so much flack then. I suspect it’s most the eyes of the beholder.

  8. Skarv

    This was really good. Content and delivery. He get my Like

  9. Scott R

    That was great. Relaxed and genuine. He’s a smart and decent man, and he’d be a very fine president. Man, I hope we get the chance to find out.

  10. Fake John Galt

    This is scary.  I think, I might be starting to like him.  If he keeps talking like this I might start getting thrills up my legs. 

  11. ParisParamus

    I like the words, but the blue blazer and light colored pants, was that necessary?  It’s like he’s late for his yacht.  And as you know, I am a bit Romney fan…

  12. KarlUB

    What could possibly be controversial about that speech? Perhaps because he suggested you could get a pizza for $4.99, but neglecting to remark that price probably demands a coupon of some sort?

  13. ctlaw

    I dissent on one main point.  In the era of crony capitalism, it was quite the error to characterize Democrats as saying nobody should live like that. The Democrats say “only we should live like that” .