Predictions for 2013 (Political Edition)

One year ago tonight I invited everyone to dust off their crystal balls and make predictions for the upcoming year.  Well, crystal balls are out of style this year.  Now it’s all about reading chicken entrails.

We’ve picked up a lot of new member in 2012, so here’s your chance to impress us all with your skills.  Here’s your chance to get them down in writing, set them in metaphorical electronic stone, so you can claim credit for them when they come true!  

  1. Percival

    John Boehner will not fail to seize an opportunity to fail to seize an opportunity.

  2. Gary The Ex-Donk

    Stagnant global economy.  Persistent unemployment over 7%.  Another “official” recession as consumer spending pulls back.  A flat housing market.  Growing threats in the Middle East.

    In a word, “malaise”.


  3. jkumpire

    1. Interest rates rise

    2. US has recession that lasts into 2014

    3. No  new gun control laws pass the House and Senate

    4. Tax receipts fall in 2013 and in 2014.

    5. Obamacare will lose at least one Supreme Court Challenge, which our version of Kim Jong Un will just ignore.

    6. A coherent Republican strategy will emerge and it will set up a 2014 election where the Republicans will retake the Senate and keep control of the House.

    7. NASA finding will be cut by the Obama Administration ending SLS, Orion, and at least one Commercial Crew provider. Major cuts in unmanned probe budget will end career of at least one if not both Mars rovers working on the surface.   

    8. Unemployment rate will rise to 9% at least for one month this year. Real unemployment rate will rise to between 15 and 20% (depending one what your measure is).

  4. Illiniguy
    • Fast and Furious will finally bring down Eric Holder

    • Hillary Clinton will find a way to tar Obama with the failure at Benghazi
    • Boehner will be re-elected speaker
    • Obama’s approval rating will drop into the 30′s
    • The Dems will overreach on the gun issue, which will mark the beginning of their slide toward landslide losses in the 2014 midterms.
  5. Shane McGuire

    1. Taxes go up on single filers of $250+ and households of $500+

    2. Even with higher tax rates, revenue will fall. Dems will blame the wily rich for this; GOP will blame the increase in tax rates and flailing economy.

    3. Obama will be caught having an affair, but it will be with a woman who is not African American, which will be hailed as a great step forward in race relations and his approval ratings will go up.

    4. John Kerry will be unimpressive in whatever role he ends up with.

    5. Israel will be blamed for a lot of things by a lot of people who hate Israel.

  6. Zafar

    Significant rapprochement between the US and Iran.  

  7. DocJay

    There will be a major terrorist act against our country, potentially on par with 911. The absolute hubris of the Obama administration combined with our increasingly in shambles intelligence community is a set up for disaster. I hope I’m wrong.Our economy falters substantially due to a credit downgrade and a European fiscal crisis. The GOP gets the blame. Bernanke prints money and fails to change anything but the near 20 trillion debt mark. Major scandals rock the administration yet go uncovered until the very end.

  8. Neolibertarian

    After a short, highly publicized fight and coup attempt, Boehner is elected Speaker in the House anyway.

    No budget passed yet again in 2013.

    Hardly anyone notices yet again.

    If the “fiscal cliff” negotiations break down, the Clinton tax rates will stay into effect until February when most people will have felt the pain.

    Obama will then initiate new tax cuts for the three lowest brackets, which will be known as the “Obama Middle Class Tax Cuts” for decades and decades.

    Recession hits in the summer. It’s blamed (quite inexplicably) on S&P’s latest downgrade of Uncle Sam’s credit rating, which pundits will in turn blame on Republicans in Congress.

    Polls show about 62% of Americans buy the explanation.

    By December the Recession grows deeper, and unemployment skyrockets. U6 will be over 25%, though the U3, reported in the news media, will be about 7.1%.

    An ex-CIA official will leak the fact that Iran has had working nuclear weapons since 2009. The US government will deny the report and annihilate the official’s reputation.

  9. BrentB67

    Agree with deteriorating tax receipts, Obamacare failure will become more evident to those outside the U.S. and the market for our Treasury securities will dry up.

    This will be followed by another act of economic terrorism toward the end of 2013, but most likely early 2014 that may play heavily into the 2014 mid term elections.

  10. Fred Cole

    Okay, here we go:

    1. No deal is reached on taxes.  My takes go up, which I get very annoyed by.  Other people’s taxes go up, but its hard to get excited about that.

    2. The economy stalls.  The gains on unemployment last year get wiped out.  It slowly climbs back up to 10%.

    3.  We start to see some inflation.  How can we not?

    4. Greece gets worse.

    5. Libya gets worse.

    6. Obamacare regs go into effects and it gets unpopular.

    7. Some scandals that have been simmering in the back ground boil over and there’s investigations and congressional hearings and handwringing.

    8. Some Supreme Court Justice steps down.  Obama nominates someone who is either a woman or a minority.  

    9. The federal gun control thing turns into nothing.  It’s sound and fury and by May it’ll burn itself out on a federal level.  Some pinko states will probably pass some laws to make things more restrictive.  

    10. Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address is hyped and then utterly forgettable.  Roberts does the oath correctly this time.  Biden makes an awkward comment anyway.

    11. At some point in 2013 there’s a coup against Boehner.     

  11. Chris Campion

    President Barry will one-up the fiscal cliff garbage by proposing an even bigger cut to defense spending, dropping to an even lower percentage of the annual budgets.  He will do this out of “fairness” and a sense that the world no longer needs the US to solve their problems for them, as he’s ably demonstrated.

    Note that all the jobs lost in the defense industry will not be counted in the unemployment numbers.  Their jobs will simply have been re-distributed.

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