Next Steps

So, let’s put this in terms as simple as possible: What do we now? Tell us in the comments.

  1. Mimi

    We have to become an even stronger opposition.  Benghazi style foreign policy and approval of a fiscal cliff require strong opposition.  The Dems will need to explain in detail every stupid thing they do.  They should get away with nothing.

    Libertarianism is attractive, but Gary Johnson and Rand Paul are not compelling leaders.  I hope other leaders squeak through the libertarian lineup.

  2. Macsen
    Frozen Chosen: Turn out the lights the American party is over.  As I get the complete results tomorrow I will outline why our cause is lost.

    Me?  I’m going to forget politics and focus on my family, my religion and my business. · 3 hours ago

    I sadly concur.  If a majority of Americans couldn’t see to end this disaster now, then we’ve already lost to the forces of envy and ignorance.  Demographics will finish the job. 

  3. Annefy

    Four years ago my daughter called me and asked how I was when Obama won. I responded that I would re-focus my efforts on the micro, kids, family, home. Since then my husband has taken a 20% pay cut, my business has slowed from small to VERY small, my sister has lost her home. Odd, but the only family member who is doing well works for the state of CA … but I digress. I said earlier today that God isn’t done with this country yet. I take it back. God helps those who help themselves. We have proven ourselves unworthy.

  4. Vince Guerra

    Target the Senate in 2014. And perhaps stop nominating moderates. They seem to have a poor track record. 

  5. AusMartin

    There seems to be an assumption among many that “if only we can convince other adult voters, or they get convinced by some event.”

    Sorry people – last night, people voted for more free stuff even if it means more unsustainable national debt.

    I can’t see adult voters changing their mind that much.  The way of thinking was baked in at a young age.  Because they are educated that way.  

    And conservatives should hang their head in shame for leaving education to the Left.  We are reaping what has been sown.

    See my Ricochet post:

  6. Wylee Coyote

    First thing we do, is keep perspective.  Yes, we got beat, and we could have, and perhaps should have, won this thing.  It’s painful.  The country has changed, and we will have to do some serious, difficult re-thinking.  So, invite Melancholy in.  Sit with it for a bit, share a drink, and then show it the door.  Whatever you do, don’t let it crash on your couch.

    We lost, but it’s nothing like 2008, or, as a member on another thread noted, 1964.

    Speaking of 2008, anyone remember the Obama of that time?  The world-healing colossus who was going to lower the oceans and make our enemies love us?  What happened to that guy?  When last seen, he’d become a snippy, tired hack.  His debate performances were lousy, and even liberals complain that his speeches are boring and don’t soar like they used to.

    Just what do you think he will be like after another four years?  He’s won another shot at the same landscpae he failed in before.  Things that can’t go on forever, won’t.  The Gods of the Copybook Headings will be back, for their pound of flesh.

  7. Indaba


    Frozen Chosen

    Raxxalan: In short in two days I have lost faith in God, America, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.  Can someone please point me the way off this ledge?  I am not sure I want to sit here for four years.    · 4 minutes ago

    Don’t blame God, Rax.  Our Heavenly Father has given us our free agency and He will never force us to do His will.  People make their choices, good or bad.  6 minutes ago

    I Don’t blame god for this FC.  I found out today my sister is in the hospital and has chosen to forgo further treatment.  She is facing multiple organ failure and and is 29 years old.  It has little to do with the election but some good news tonight would have been a welcome relief. · 16 minutes ago

    My prayers are with you. · 4 hours ago

    You are there for your sister and she knows how much you love her. She has a wonderful brother. My brother has helped me through terrible times and it has meant more than he realizes.

  8. Indaba

    What to do? The Phoenix rises from the ashes.

    how are Conservatives winning in Canada, far more socialist in our education   systems?  

    Did you know that Stephen Harper is an Evangelical Christian? No? He separates State from Church. He put in strict gag rules to all his party during his elections. The party sticks to talking points with designated people to speak to media people. 

    Harper is the meanest tough guy though you would not know it.  He used attack ads earl and through out his elections. 

    He talks about the economy.  Meanwhile he quietly starves the leftie provinces of Federal funding. He has tied health care budgets to Provinces economic revenue. I am in a declining province and our health care budget is also shrinking. Harper does not make announcements about it.

    When Harper’s party had a shocking defeat, before he was leader, he stepped in to bring together social conservatives and economic conservatives and it was bitter. Over the past ten years, Harper went from 4 seats out  of 310 to the biggest majority and longest serving Prime Minister of Canada.

    the Opposition? Did you think your lefties could get more left? Well, they can. 

  9. Indaba

    So Harper has combined the right wing and corralled it,  kicking and screaming, into a majority party. 

    In the meantime, the far left party has grown. This has also changed into a MORE a seriously Marxist party that has on its website “business owners should not be allowed any profit. All business must be not for profit.”   Our tax payer media dominates, and they hate Harper. He just cut their budget by another 10%, but he never says it or makes a speech. He has a photo op with kittens. He goes on stage and plays the piano and sings, inviting the Opposition to play drums.

    Marxism and Socialism are a whack a mole, seductive ideology.  It has got far worse!  Harper has put money back to business owners and entrepreneurs.

    The media on the Internet will have to step up to show economic pain, not just celebrity crap – are you listening Daily Caller?

    The Canadian media outside of the CBC has the courage to show govt   corruption and spending on themselves. One of the magazines exposed the Quebec mafia kick backs and their Provincial govt demanded an apology. It has taken 5 years, but those corrupt politicians are routed.

  10. Fake John Galt

    What to do?  What is the big deal? We all knew that a Romney win would not solve the ills we face.   The best we were hopping for was that he would slow down what has to happen.  We were not even sure he would do that.  So the only thing that has changed between yesterday and today is we no longer have that straw to grasp.  So lay back and enjoy, we get to see history being made.  Welcome to Nero’s fiddle round two.  

  11. Pat in Obamaland

    For now, we pay more in taxes. We grow less. We accept another generation of liberal control of the Supreme Court. We understand that religious liberty is now a license from the federal government. Our quality of life declines. Our spending increases. Social security and medicare march towards insolvency. More people become dependent on federal power. Less people live full, independent lives. Our spending power decreases. The dollar inflates. And jobs continue move to part time to avoid onerous regulations.

    We hope the American people don’t accept this in four years. The tale of other Western nations, however, tells us that people will. We decline.

  12. Pseudodionysius

    So Harper has combined the right wing and corralled it,  kicking and screaming, into a majority party.

    And abortion is a verboten topic amongst the electorate.

  13. Sweet and Low

    We hunker down, and distance ourselves as much as possible from the walking disaster that is Obama.  As Hugh Hewitt wrote, the next two years are going to be “see, I told you so.”

  14. Lake Mattamuskeet
    MikeA: I saw this on Instapundit.  Please tell me why this is wrong because it makes way too much sense to me. · 7 hours ago

    I’d love to go Galt but I work for the defense industry.

    What I strongly recommend not doing is going off on a 10-minute tirade that violates every aspect of the Ricochet Code of Conduct about what a collectivist, restributionist, un-American, nasty, Maoist bleep the election winner is to your Obama voting wife. She took it well but it wasn’t my highest moment. (She was probably thinking “Rave on, loser. Your side lost.”)

    She’s a moderate in every sense of the word but somehow Romney couldn’t reach her. She bought a lot of the smears, especially the War-on-Women stuff, that the other side put out.

    A thought, can we relax the Code of Conduct for one day so I can rant in a more satisfying manner?

  15. Blue State Curmudgeon

    What we failed to accomplish in elections must be accomplished through other means.  I believe we must seriously consider some Civil Disobedience.  Not the violent, lawless kind of Occupy Wall Street; I do not propose to destroy the village in order to save it.  There must be something we can do to throw sand in the gears of the corrupt machine made up by the government, unions, academia and mainstream media.  If we’re serious about making a differnce we have to pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

  16. Adriana Harris

    Prepare for a quick slide into insignificance. There is no recovery with this electorate. We’re beyond the tipping point. Say bye, bye.

  17. Songwriter

    I fear America is over. 

    If we willingly re-elected a president so demonstrably incompetent and bad for the country, there is little hope of recovery.  It is clear the majority of Americans want free stuff, and they want it now. The consequences of such foolishness be damned.

    I’m pushing 60. America’s decline may be gradual enough that I won’t live to see the end. But I need to write an apology to my grandkids, and tell them how sorry Pops is that his generation so completely failed theirs.

    We have the government we deserve.

  18. M1919A4

    Be careful how you phrase your thoughts, Friend Blue State.  I am pretty well persuaded that Homeland “Security” monitors on-line postings.

    I do not see how one converts a people determined to surrender their lives to the nanny state in exchange for cradle to grave social care.  I am not optimistic about ”persuasion”, especially when it involves trying to get people in general to abandon hedonism and ease and take up a life of self discipline and hard work.  That seems to require a change in human nature that I do not see coming.

    When we lost the schools,  the grammar schools in particular, we lost the country.  I am afraid that I see little chance of getting it back.

    I foresee approaching an open resumption of our centuries long war with Islam  (with our ancient enemies armed with nuclear weapons) and a continued insidious invasion by the socialist ideas of Europe. 

  19. Benjamin Glaser

    Laura Ingraham is taking Ann Coulter to the woodshed. Awesomesauce.

  20. jkumpire

    The operative question is “How to stop the progress toward a European-style Social Democracy?” The scarier question is “How can we stop the process of the consolidation of political and social power in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government?”

    Just like the damn political left who wrote books about the “Imperial Presidency” during Nixon’s  time, what we have now is the first Imperial Presidency with the endgame being less a Social Democracy and more like a Socialist autocracy, like Argentina or Venezuela are today. 

    If you have a solution, post it.

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