Lick ‘Em Tomorrow, Though

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about since the last state was called:

Halfway through the Battle of Shiloh, when an exhausted William Tecumseh Sherman met up with Ulysses Grant in a rain-soaked camp, after a brutal and bloody day of fighting, he found the Union commander sitting calmly and smoking a soggy cigar. It had been a terrible day: the Union forces were caught unprepared and off-guard, and the Confederate sneak attack had claimed many casualties and had even led to the astonishing even…

  1. Frozen Chosen

    You sure are optimistic for a pessimist, Rob!

    I suspect you are trying to forestall a mass exodus from Ricochet from those of us who are ready to throw in the towel – politically anyway.

    I have miles to go before I can be optimistic again…

  2. Jan-Michael Rives

    Headline: Rob Long advocates violent revolution.

  3. Valiuth

    You are assuming here our side is the Union Army. I would say this election has proven we are more likely the Confederate Army. We put up quite a struggle, threw everything at them and the kitchen sink, and still they beat us through shear man power. 

  4. Doug Scott

    Well said, Rob.  I could use a soggy cigar myself.

    But since you bring up war, I fear for you, Israel. They’re staring at a unhinged neighbor who is months away from obtaining a nuke. And no one has their back. Ala Bengazhi.

    When it comes to foreign policy, we’ve got a boy scout in the WH. And I’m not sure the world’s going to wait four more years.  I fear for Israel. And I fear for the future of the US as well.

  5. Joseph Stanko
    Frozen Chosen: You sure are optimistic for a pessimist, Rob!

    You misunderstand Brother Long completely.  He’s not a pessimist, he’s a stoic.  He’s been fighting all along to surpress his natural enthusiasm, to keep from getting his hopes up, precisely so that in the event of a loss he would not feel the way you now feel.

  6. Joseph Stanko
    Frozen Chosen: 

    I suspect you are trying to forestall a mass exodus from Ricochet from those of us who are ready to throw in the towel – politically anyway.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, for the next few weeks I’ll be surrounded by insufferably smug liberals.  Ricochet is my only lifeline to sanity!

  7. N.M. Wiedemer

    Thanks Rob- History reminds us how insurmountable and unbeatable many of our country’s trials have seemed in the past- but the Union was preserved by good (or at least often good) men who stood up to the challenge. If our forefathers refused to give up, how can we?

  8. Joseph Stanko
    Joseph Stanko

    Frozen Chosen: 

    I suspect you are trying to forestall a mass exodus from Ricochet from those of us who are ready to throw in the towel – politically anyway.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, for the next few weeks I’ll be surrounded by insufferably smug liberals.  Ricochet is my only lifeline to sanity! · 1 minute ago

    Besides, thanks to Rob’s shilling of the NR Digitial promotion I’m already paid up through 2014, so might as well get my money’s worth…

  9. Israel P.

    Lick ‘em tomorrow? Is there a do-over tomorrow?

    Last I knew, the next Congressional election is in two years, by which time Obamacare will have kicked in, Justce Ginsberg will probably have retired and who knows what other mischief will have been done.

    And thanks, Doug Scott, for your concern. Around here, we have faith, knowing it will work out in the end. But the cost just went up.

  10. Ontos

    This early voting fraud.    (They like it because it allows fraud and pressure and “organization “)

    The courts and the justice dept freeze on the voter Id laws.

    the worthless Chris Christie 

    the press voter suppression operation on Benghazi

    the press voter suppression on the 2008 economic collapse  (cra & Fannie & Freddie acorn and community organizers intimidating banks to lend to risky minorities) then allow people to think it was all Bush’s mess

    im just sick of it all

  11. Astonishing

    Rob, you are just right.

    Nobody could feel this more deeply than I. The rather sad little fact, for me personally, is that I will probably die with Obama in office. So will my dear old dad, who also has a terminal illness. We talked about it yesterday evening just before the polls began to close.

    He said, “I don’t want to die with Obama as president.”

    I said, “Me neither, Dad.”

    Then we both laughed a strange unaccountable laugh that only we two share the full meaning of. A sad laugh, yet stubborn, and hopeful, and thankful. Resigned, yet fearless and confident.

    And then one of us, I don’t remember if it was him or me, said, “If he wins, we have something new to live for. The day that Obama is gone.” And that was worth another little laugh.

    Still, I have faith, an unshakable faith in our system of government.  Our people will come around. We will help them. The blessing of liberty that is the United States shall abide.

    Come morning, I will get up, make my coffee, sit down to my desk, go to work, try to do things right. Just like always.

  12. cm2006

    Obama is not Clinton, so he’ll not move to the center and the House Republicans should not cave.

    We can hit him now with Benghazi but in general be the party of optimism and good cheer and let the other guys make fools of themselves. Look at us we haven’t gotten unhinged as the D’s did after the 2000 and 2004 election.

  13. txmasjoy

    Ever since visiting that  battlefield, I’ve thought “Shiloh” is one of the saddest placenames I hear.

    But I thank you, Rob, for this great little story.  It brings me a giant smile in the wee hours of this morning.

  14. TucsonSean

    Nah.  We’re done. To  use your historical context, this was Appomatox.  

    This time the good guys lost the war.   We cannot come out of this second term the same country.   I for one am going to look out for me and mine and to he’ll with this unrecognizable mob that has stolen my country from me.    Good luck to you all.

  15. PJS

    I’ve been awake for over half an hour, sitting in bed with my iPad, trying to make myself get up.  For what?  It will be a day like any other.  I’ll make breakfast, listen to my local morning news, and then venture out into the world.  I have to face my daughter when I pick her up at school.  She’s the one that’s really screwed.  At 17, she is highly motivated.  Which means she’ll be paying a huge amount of taxes and be derided for being an achiever.  We have brought her up to think if you work hard you can keep much of the fruits of your labor and do with it as you see fit.   She will keep less and less of her fruits.  Will she even want to be that success, to,work as hard as she does?  Sweetie, I am ashamed and sorry.  My own generation is responsible. 

  16. Tobias Vaughn

    Dear Rob,

    Apt post. I grew up in the South. I’ve visited Shiloh as a child and had a model cannon by which to remember it.

    I now live in Saarbruecken, Germany. When it was clear all was lost tonight, I walked through the woods, over a big hill called Schwarzenberg, screaming, listening to Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes The Flood.” When I was out of the woods I yelled at random Germans on the street, “We didn’t do this! We’re not East Germans!” I’ve been heartbroken.

    However, Ricochet has been a place to which I can come and listen to people with whom I often agree. Even when I disagree, at least they are reasonable, thoughtful people. Thank you for playing a part in building this. As I stumbled, drunk on Waldhimbeergeist through the German woods, I thought: Why am I part of Ricochet? I listen to most of the podcasts, but the podcast that drew me in was the main one and GLoP. I can say many good things about your copodcasters, but I’m running out of words. Rob Long is funny as hell. I love when you Lilek’s segues meta 200.

  17. William Laing

    Dear Rob Long,

    You have found just the right words, 

    Thank you with all my heart,


  18. Tobias Vaughn
    I love when you Lilek’s segues meta 200. · 2 minutes ago

    Edited 0 minutes ago

    I mean: I love when you go meta on Lilek’s segues, but I have a 200 word limit and I’m drunk.

  19. Giantkiller

    Probably best not to write anything for a while.  Too much anger and recrimination.

  20. Israel P.

    When I was a junior in high school, our history teacher made an announcement. (Mr Blitz had been at the school since it opened in 1927 and my father had been in his class as well.)

    It was 1963 and DeGaulle had vetoed the British application for membership in the Common Market. Mr Blitz  announced that we should appreciate the fact that it was a historic day, for DeGaulle had thereby irreversibly ended Britain’s role as a world power.

    It took a few years before it all played out, but it began – or rather ended – that day.

    Yesterday too.

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