In Praise of Profiling

I have a new piece up at PJ Media today in which I present a counterfactual scenario wherein the Tsarnaev brothers are prevented from carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings through proven means of police profiling. The scenario also includes the likely backlash from  CAIR and other members of the grievance lobby. An excerpt:

But none of this matters, of course, to those responsible for making security policy in America. Better to inconvenience every last passenger going through an airport, better to hoist paraplegics out of their wheelchairs so as to search them than focus attention on those who history teaches are most likely to blow up an airplane or fly it into a skyscraper. And better to let a few people get blown to bits and a few dozen others get maimed every so often than employ techniques that will prevent such horrors, albeit with the side effect of having members of the racial grievance industry get their backs up on television.

Regardless of what President Obama says, the threat of Muslim terror has not lessened.  Shouldn’t our so-called leaders start taking it seriously?

  1. Jerry Carroll

    In present-day American the contest between commonsense and political correctness will always be resolved in favor of the latter. The victimhood juggernaut has gained too much momentum to be stopped now.

  2. Pseudodionysius

    I think our leaders are waiting for their Swedish Message.