HWX, with Paul Mirengoff


It’s another Saturday afternoon special edition of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience.  This week there’s an extra helping of Power Line goodness, as the great Paul Mirengoff joins the conversation.

We break down last week’s Vice Presidential debate, with varying opinions on Paul Ryan’s performance, Joe Biden’s looniness, and whether it makes any difference.  We also preview the next Presidential debate coming up on Tuesday. 

It’s going to be a “town hall” style debate, with questions coming exclusively from those reliable fonts of wisdom, undecided voters.  We express our reservations and expectations for what’s to come.

Next it’s Loon of the Week, featuring yet another alibi for President Obama’s poor performance in the first Presidential debate.  Then, This Week in Gate Keeping, where Vogue Magazine meets The Sopranos, with hilarious consequences.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Hillsdale College and their FREE video series, Constitution 201.

Constitution 201 is a new 10-week online course examining American progressivism: its historical roots and principles; its rejection of America’s founding principles and Constitution; its political successes in the New Deal, the Great Society, and in recent years; the ongoing political debate between progressives and conservatives; and the chance of a constitutional revival.

Did we mention, it’s FREE?  Check it out at Hillsdale.edu.

And thanks for checking out the Hinderaker-Ward Experience this week. We appreciate your support. Ricochet members, your questions, conundrums, and concerns are eagerly desired in the comments section.  The first commentator to name the two terms I used to describe undecided voters wins this week’s fabulous prize, a response from me expressing my warmest personal regards.  Good luck! 

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    John Hinderaker–I can now only refer to you as Brian does, with first and last names–John Hinderaker, I suspect you must have been drinking the cheap wine that comes in boxes during the veep debate. Had you been chucking wine bottles at the screen–particularly those large jugs of Carlo Rossi–you’d have to pay for a new hotel TV. In New Hampshire hotels, you know, those things can run twenty, even thirty dollars.

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    Loved the loon of the week, how did you choose with so many?

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    I extend to you my warmest personal regards, usually reserved only for close family members and my favorite bartenders down at Blinky’s.      

    Thanks for listening, and listen next week for a personal shout out to you.