Daily Poll Update

We have a ton of new polls to look at today. Have fun!

General Election:

Rasmussen Tracking    Romney 49, Obama 47    Romney +2

Gallup Tracking    Romney 49, Obama 47    Romney +2

IBD/TIPP Tracking    Romney 47, Obama 47    Tie

Presidential Race by State:

Florida: Romney vs. Obama    Gravis Marketing    Romney 49, Obama 48    Romney +1

Missouri: Romney vs. Obama    Wenzel Strategies (R)    Romney 55, Obam…

  1. Israel P.

    The one where my gut speaks the loudest is Massachusetts for the Senate where RCP has the detestable Fauxcohontas up 2.5.

  2. john marzan

    Paul Ryan would have been great in a town hall format. Town Hall not really a debate, more about communicating with regular people. Romney is the worst campaigner in the world.

  3. The Mugwump

    I find it hard to believe that 3% of the voting public is really undecided.  If I’m right, the remaining two debates won’t mean much.  What remains to be seen at this point is how much of the rural vote will pour out for Romney in states like OH, PA, WI, IA, CO, and NV.  It’s all about turnout now.  

  4. Evan Pokroy

    Even PPP has Romney up 50%-46%. I’m assuming the KOSkids are crying. 

  5. Butters

    Romney has surpassed Obama in RCP favorability average for the first time. 

  6. Whiskey Sam

    Oh look, Kaine’s phantom lead is gone again.  They must have finally polled some people outside of NoVA and Richmond.

  7. Spin

    Are we to be hopeful that the mainstream polls keep creeping up in Romney’s favor?  

  8. Albert Arthur
    Evan Pokroy: Even PPP has Romney up 50%-46%. I’m assuming the KOSkids are crying.  · 5 hours ago

    Realclearpolitics.com doesn’t include PPP in its average anymore. Why is that?

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