Blue Yeti, Call Your Office: A New Black Conservative Voice to Whom Ricochet Should Reach Out

I found out about Kevin Jackson through Facebook.  He is a take-no-prisoners conservative. I really like his stuff, hope you will too.  He has a Salem radio program too, though I’ve not yet listened to that.  Blue Yeti, this guy would be good to get on the podcast, methinks.

  1. Thanks for the heads up — we’ll reach out to him.

  2. jetstream

    Kevin Jackson is gonna make it cool to be a conservative and he’s a major hoot.

    Holy 1950s Batman!?

    How egotistical for this woman to believe that if she played the role of a starship captain poorly, she would set back the women’s movement. Exactly how many men are flying starships these days? America has NO REAL STARSHIPS, Kate!

    There is a wide assortment of female vixens on TV and in the movies who have managed not to damage the women’s movement. It must really suck to be a woman in America, to teeter at the edge of destruction on every casting director’s couch…legs wide open, eyes wide shut.

    For the record, the most damaging thing to the women’s movement is the women of the women’s movement.

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