Bachmann Palin Overdrive

Looking at some dynamics shaping up…. Media stories are stories until everyone gets tired of them. Palin has taken all the media criticism and attention, meanwhile Bachmann plods away reading her Von Mises at the beach and waits for it all to play out. The media will find itself hard-pressed to run the Palin template on Bachmann. If Palin and Bachmann …

  1. Franco

    Oh, we are going to have that argument again. Conservatives can’t win they have to be moderate…right. Moderate Republicans have gotten us here- not just boogeyman Democrats. Wise up and have a shot of Stoli, friend.

  2. Duane Oyen
    Franco: As far as I’m concerned she has exactly the right ideas on everything, and she has the right strategic approach, which means she can win. The GOP candidate must have a willingness to fight,  draw real-world contrasts, and possess the ability to articulate the abstractions that lay behind the policy proposals. The election will be about fundamental ideas and calling out Obama and Democrats in no uncertain terms. She has plenty of experience when compared to Obama and has all the ingredients Americans want in 2012. ·

    Boy, Franco, you are drinking the same 200 proof vodka that Michelle has going in on an IV right now.

  3. Grendel

    Bachman has more experience than Obama?  Palin has more experience than Obama, and both Palin and Bachman have actually accomplished things in the public and private sphere.  BHO has never-repeat, never-done anything, and usually, so far as we know, he has failed, and failed decisively, at whatever he essayed.  Even he, when asked, cited a successful presidential campaign as evidence of his qualifications. 

    And he is abysmally ignorant of everything–geography, economics, morals, history, law, the Constitution, college basketball, America, Islam, foreign relations. 

    And he has never in all his life, so far as we know, from his grandfather and mother through his associates in college and afterwards, to his political supporters, to his wife, had a parent, care-giver, mentor, model, associate, teacher, guide, hero, sponsor, pastor, boon companion, helpmeet, etc., who loved America.

    Bachman for President!  Palin for UN ambassador!

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